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Dave Sidhu will seek re-election to Abbotsford City Council

Councillor Dave Sidhu announced that he will be seeking re-election to Abbotsford City Council in October.

He was elected to council during a byelection last year after collecting 43% of total votes cast.

Sidhu is the General Manager of BC’s only bi-lingual newspaper – The Patrika. The newspaper, established over two decades ago, was North America’s first Punjabi-English newspaper and publishes weekly out of its Abbotsford office to readers across the Lower Mainland.

“Abbotsford is my home, and I am committed to serving my neighbours,” said Sidhu.

Outside of council, Sidhu chairs the board development committee for the Fraser Valley Healthcare Foundation and sits as past president on the board of the Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian Business Association. He has previously served as director of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, and council member for the Character Abbotsford movement.

He was one of the many Abbotsford residents last year that helped put together emergency relief teams which helped deliver food and give shelter to victims of the 2021 lower mainland floods.

Sidhu is delighted with the progress the city has made, but he believes there is much more to be done.

“This is a crucial time for our city. Although we are recovering from the 2021 floods, we are also constantly growing. We are the hub of the Fraser Valley- it is important that we have the right leaders on council to keep moving us forward” he says.

Sidhu was born and brought up in Abbotsford, and is proud to be raising his daughter, Arinna, alongside his wife, Ranjna, in the city.

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